Day #2: Preservatives

Over the last few weeks I have been researching the fundamentals and guidelines of clean eating. There are so many different articles, magazines, recipes, and blogs out there on clean eating. Like most things online, it is hard to sift through all the information and know exactly how to clean eat or what is truly bad for you.

Because of this, I am taking this experience one day at a time. Though my standards of clean eating will likely change as I learn more about preservatives and clean eating as a whole, I finally decided that I had to start somewhere. So, what is my starting point? Well, first it is having a definition of what clean eating is to me. To me this means cutting out processed and refined foods as well as avoiding foods that contain unnatural (sometimes harmful) preservatives. Over the last few days I have thought, well I guess I really can’t eat anything but meat, vegetables, and fruits. While that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, I have realized that are so many things that you can eat while still maintaining a clean diet. To start this journey I have put together a quick guide to help me determine what foods I should and should not be eating to sustain a clean diet. This list is mostly focused on good vs. bad preservatives right now, mainly because I spent the evening switching back and forth from the bookmarked articles on my phone to the labels at Trader Joe’s trying to determine which preservatives were bad. After some dirty looks in the crowded isles, I figured a list that I can use as a guide while shopping and researching is going to be a key to kicking things off.

preservatives: good vs bad

What am I doing to clean eat? I am using this list as a go to guide while grocery shopping. It is time consuming and can be frustrating to look at every single label to determine if you should eat it or not but I am excited to see how this change will impact me. It is hard now and will be hard at times throughout the entire year but thats why I am doing this. This is a challenge, but a challenge that I think will lead to a much healthier and happier me!


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